Taking you a step
closer to your
dream home.

A home brings warmth, security, happiness, and helps create joyful memories of the time that you spend with your family. All homeowners speak about their homes with pride and a sense of identity. You, too, can experience the pride of being a homeowner with some planning. While owning a home is an aspiration for most of us, one may want to compare home-ownership with living in a rented home. Read on to find out whether it makes sense to buy a home or live in a rented house.

01. Advantages of owning a house

Your home is a symbol of your success and accomplishments. Your home gives you a sense of emotional security; it’s your very own space where you can simply be yourself. You have the security and permanency of your own home; you don’t need to deal with a landlord and the hassles that may come along with it. Your home is an asset with the potential to appreciate in value over time. It makes sense not to delay your home purchase since this may result in higher cash outlays due to value appreciation of property.

Home Loan Procedure Documentation
and Process Schedule

Most frequent questions and answers
  • File To be maintained with ITR and other Essential Documents:

    • Pan card.
    • Ration card of present address.
    • Form 16/ITR of last 3 years.
    • Last 3 months salary slip.
    • Bank A/C statements of 6 month.
    • Copies of payment receipt made to builder.
    • KYC Document – provide by bank.
    • Photograph passport size 2 No’s.
    • Processing documents will be shared by Aakar Builders and Developers.
    • A Booking or Token Receipt from Builder.
    • Letter of intended amount.
    • Payment Demand Letter.
    • Project search report.
    • Sanction approved Building Plan.
    • A copy of Loan Sanction Letter of same Bank for reference.
  • Loan Sanctioning and Loan Amount Processing Offer by chosen Banker:

    • Minimum Amount
    • Maximum Amount
  • Agreement – Registration of Flat Booking

    • Sale Agreement of Flat
      Search report of Flat (by Banker Advanced if required).
  • Issuance of NOC Letter from Builder

    • NOC / Permission mortgage the requested Flat in the Apartment.
    • Issuance of Pay order letter from builder with account details.

Inspection Report or Site Visit by Bank Authority ( Banker)

  • Final Loan Agreement signed by Client and Banker

  • Final Loan Agreement signed by Client and Banker